Sunday, October 26, 2008

fear and clothing

i killed two birds with one stone this week. Then i felt bad about the birds so I made this poster to cheer me up:

Here's the art, which I'm using for Roger's Halloween assignment (I kinda like the second variation more...even though the colors don't make any logical sense)

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Travis said...

oh no jim
I thought I'd already commented on this
I guess it's kind of too late now but I just wanted to say
of course this is great and inventive
but I think that there is something strange going on with your colors
the black and super saturated warm colors are throwing me off a little, the same way that your other poster for the gallery did. I think that subtler shades could help the separate elements really flow together, as it is they're starting to fight for attention and it's killing the composition a little.
but as always, great linework, and i really love what you're doing with your shadows lately... that scratchy effect coupled with all of those intricate lines...