Monday, October 6, 2008

Only a steel man can be a lover

Being in a slump isn't the most enjoyable thing... but it makes for a more thoughtful sketchbook, albeit an embarrassing one.

I'd post some real stuff, but none of it has been worth worrying about lately.


Travis said...

Beautiful and diverse as always... if you're in a slump it definitely isn't an artistic one.

Travis said...

also um how do you guys like junior year
is it everything you'd hoped it would be

Travis said...

PS Jim I hope you feel better soon

Sara said...

Oh my ARE filled with doggies and kitties and candy. I had my suspicions, so it's good to have confirmation.

I love your sketchbook so much. And those microns in your shirt pocket.

Travis: Junior year is going quite well, actually, even if some of our assignments have seemingly come out of a high school art class's curriculum. Are you liking the change?

P.S. Can we visit you soon?

Jim said...

Yeah, despite the bland assignments, I'm still managing to enjoy myself. Like I said in my comment on Sara's new stuff, the quick deadlines and sheer amount of work are actually forcing everyone to settle into a comfortable style and method, which is necessary (and probably planned).

...It's a cleansing stress.

Travis: Thanks, I'm trying. And yes, free up a weekend for your old pals to come visit. I can take off work any weekend in November (except the 7-8th) so see if you can pencil us in for an appointment.