Thursday, October 2, 2008


gosh everyone loves Andrew Bird

Here's a little something I made. Hopefully I can give it to him this Saturday. Conceptually it's nothing you guys haven't seen before, but it's my first attempt at oils. I compared this with the matchbooks I made for typo last year, it's nice to see how much I've improved. Still a long way to go though...


Sara said...

Travis, this is so perfect. Tiny, precise things always get me.

I'm sure that he'll love it. :)

Jim said...
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Jim said...

by "first attempt at oils", do you mean "first attempt at teeny tiny hand-made photographs"?

It's really neat to see you already have control enough to use two very different styles. I love the style of the bird, but the instruments are particularly impressive as far as technique.

Travis said...

guys I gave it to him I think he was almost as shy as I was.

thank you both for the kind words.
Jim, now I have to make a painting that's more than an inch wide... hopefully I can pull it off.

Sara said...

How sweet! It makes me so warm'n'fuzzy inside to know that he has this in his possession now.

Well done, you. :)