Saturday, November 1, 2008

La di da, di da di dum, 'tis Autumn

And I don't have very much to show for it.


Jimmy and I made a Jack-o-Lantern, but it has since died. It was lovely for a time, though.


Matt Curtius had us design book here's mine. We had this short story, along with another one called "City of Clowns" by Daniel Alarcón to chose from. Measuring everything was surprisingly difficult.

Pencil pencil pencil! My right hand has been stained grey lately.
Remember that model, Travis? How could you not...I sort of liked those two, despite the boring poses. The second is a piece that I did for Roger Roth, who held a Halloween drawing contest this past week. Jimmy's was obviously a bit more fun and active, but I had a good time trying to get the creep factor going. Old family portraits are always so spooky. The last is a particularly boring drawing for a particularly boring assignment: draw a landscape that has some sort of personal meaning behind it. *Yawn* This is from some reference that I shot back in July at the park, and basically chose it because it has just the right amount of depth and aerial perspective, as well as a dose of personal connection. Anyway. Can you see why I haven't really been posting stuff?

l & c poster sketch
This is what I'll be working on today. A fictional assignment from the National Library Association or some such nonsense. Roger wanted us to choose a figure from American history, so I chose two, my homeboys from 1804, Lewis and Clark. We'll see how it turns out. I still have a couple of amendments to make to the drawing itself, so yeah. More on this later.

Happy November!
Grasshopper says hi.


Jim said...

Speak for yourself, I think all of that is well worth posting. I do miss our little pumpkin man though...

Travis said...

Saaara how could I forget mustache man
such a glorious beauty

your David Sedaris cover is brilliant, I like it a lot better than some of Chip Kidd's covers. It feels so appropriate to the subject matter, and you've handled the typography so well.

your drawings are, as always, lovely. your linework is always so understated and subtle and it's so unique.

Travis said...

oh and you've probably already changed the Lewis and Clark piece dramatically, but I noticed a couple things about it that were throwing me off... the animals in the background are a brilliant touch, but that poor bear looks like he is a tiny bear struggling to escape from between Lewis and Clark's shoulders
and maybe if you made the two figures a tiny bit smaller, you'd have some more room for all of that really exciting stuff going on in the frame? That's my favorite part, the excitement in searching for little elements that I hadn't noticed the first time around, and if you could somehow strengthen that without losing any of the subtlety, it could really make the piece shine

but if you've already finished it and have moved on to other things then nevermind