Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Marky Mark

I hope he doesn't mind how unflatteringly I drew him...


Sara said...

Hee! That is really unflattering. I'm excited.

I enjoy the little scribbles, and I'm amazed at how close you were able to stick to the original drawings. did you transfer or something?

That gray paper is working pretty well...I'll reserve further judgment for when I'm able to look up close and touch it. Thumb it all up. After touching something greasy.

harmonicas said...


Jim said...


Travis said...

ohmygodJim please teach me something about color
this is so rusty and organic
if I were Mark I do not think I could be anything but flattered

the original sketches seemed awkward in terms of marrying the top and bottom but you've solved that problem so expertly here in such a playful and awkward way

Travis said...

also gush gush
one of my favorite things is how you take really bland sentences and apply your ornate lettering to them
it's really brilliant

Travis said...

also um I guess the first time I said awkward I meant awkward and the second time I meant something along the lines of awkward but not in a negative sense

also hi jo gosh worlds colliding how unexpected