Thursday, October 9, 2008

Resolutions. ...?

I've finished a couple of things, but they're probably due to be revisited soon:

Mark says that I have to add some more touches of highlight, and I plan to. God, Jimmy, why didn't you warn me about this?!?!?!

poem layout
The whale poem layout! I hope that it prints well, and that I'm able to give the second poem illustration a similar treatment. I don't want to ever disappoint Bob Byrd. Never!

More later.


Jim said...

I want to live in that first one. But you already knew that. Sorry I didn't pick up on that highlight idea...I don't know what I was thinking. Next time I'll try not to let you down so much.

The whale is very nice and simple too. Maybe a unifying translucent color layer over the whole thing would really tie it together though. I'm not sure if you feel like playing around with it anymore (you don't really need to) but it couldn't hurt.

Good job!

Sara said...

You're so smart.