Saturday, October 4, 2008

I bet I think this song is about me

We have so much homework due next week. *dies*

self portrait, revisited
This is the revision of my boring self-portrait, "Homebody." It just needed stuff. How the hell am I going to do the color version? Meehhhh.

This is the main ginger ale down-the-blowhole illustration for Children's Book...I'll color this digitally, and just hope that it looks really good. Here are the two spots, as well...they will probably be placed on the top right and bottom left corners (respectively) on the text page:

Other than this, I'm working on that stoopid angel assignment, and I'll have to get on those finished sketches for Matt's class.
Life sucks.


Jim said...

Wonderful as always. It's neat to see your style really start to refine itself. Even though that's probably a result of the intense pressure and lack of wiggle-room with these assignments, at there is a positive effect.

Travis said...

That crease in the butterfly poster is just so perfect. Jimmy already said it best. I don't know how you can take such simple concepts and make them so intimate and layered.

Sara said...

Thanks, boys. I'm trying to change the way that I look at my own work, and you two are helping.