Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is how cool I am:
I don't have a scanner, so I'm going to comfortably hide behind that excuse, and offer it up to you boys as an explanation for my lack of participation as of late.

It feels a bit silly now, considering that you both have seen most of what I've been doing these days, but I feel the need to put things on here. I need to. So here it goes:

This is my finished (although it still needs revisiting) Aesop's Fable illustration. I do plan on adding some of that darker purple around the mouth of the cave to define the interior/exterior, but I still think that it's a bit odd-looking. It's probably that dark line work on the trees and fox, isn't it?

Finished sketches for Mark's "Power of Light/Personal Blahblah" assignment. Surprisingly, I decided to illustrate the connection between my appreciation of art as well as science. Since we had to employ descriptive or illustrative light, I chose to go the old trump l'oeil route. It's simple, I suppose. I much prefer the first one, but we've got to bring both to finish, so ...we'll see.

skbook004 skbook001
I'm really starting to enjoy drawing like this. It's good to be forced into it...I usually find life drawing to be too intimidating. Now I'm just having fun trying to draw funny kid postures and people's lumpy heads.

OMG. This was such a pain to put together...Jimmy had to take me through the babysteps of getting that grassy shape married to a watercolor swatch that I'd scanned in. Hooey. I suck at Photoshop. I did all of the components by hand (just look at that bottom text..) and brought them together digitally. It's not exactly what I was hoping to achieve, but it's 3:30am, and I'm still running on the high I felt after figuring out the clipping mask thing on my own for those pieces of furniture.
This one made me think of you a lot, Travis. For two stupidly obvious reasons. :)

I'm going to go pass out over here now.


Jim said...

Wow Sara. What a load. What a big, steaming load of

The darker line around the lion definitely does the trick. It does a whole lot for such a minor change.

And that cosi guy....i sure want a sandwich from him.

Poster=exactly what it needs to be.

the only thing that confuses me a bit is the second Mark sketch. What are the two streaks in the middle over the butterflies? It looks like you put tape over it or something. Is it intentional? If it is, its a neat effect, but It's not too clear.

Travis said...

gosh you're getting so so so good
these are all so elegant. I love what you're doing with your sketches, it's inspiring. Have you seen Lauren Nasef's work? I think maybe you might like it...

the poster is so fun! It's perfect for the source material. Also, I'm going to that show! Maybe if you sent it to him he'd get some people to put a few up around town... what you're doing with the textures and colors is really subtle and effective. You're really figuring out how to make digital pieces that don't look digital.

I was wondering what the streaks over the butterflies were too. It's a really interesting effect, but would probably be incredibly frustrating to pull off in the finish. And I'm always in admiration of how you manage to deal with the same conceptual material over and over and yet come up with such varied and interesting work. Please don't ever stop drawing butterflies!

It's good to see more work from you!

Sara said...

Thanks, gentlemen!

Quick word about that second sketch: Jimmy, if you recall, I'd had a trio of awkwardly placed frames that were really cutting the composition in half. This scan is in fact the original sketch with artist's tape over the problem area and a then trace paper overlay featuring the correction. HAHA. I'm very happy to report that I do not plan on replicating that effect (i.e. mess) in any way for the finish. :) I'm just painfully lo-tech.

And Travis! I've been obsessed with Lauren Nassef for quite some time...her daily drawings are just so yummy, and I particularly love the work that she does with her designer husband, Isaac Tobin. I'll look into sending things along to the Andrew Bird camp...I had a feeling you'd be making it to this one! Enjoy it. :)

And thanks for the words of encouragement...I'm still obviously in the process of learning (hoo boy, and how!), so it's a definite goal of mine to improve not just with digital work, but with design in general.