Wednesday, September 24, 2008

crappy poster and stuff

yeah so heres my crappy poster and stuff.


Sara said...

Stop lying! It's not crappy. The print didn't really do it justice, but that's pretty much only because of the background color. It offsets things so nicely here, but when the orange was falsely bumped up, it made things a bit too warm. I wish that this process allowed for more control! It's hard enough to get something to look solidly good, and another thing entirely to reproduce it. :(

The colors on your stream piece are a lot more fun here...I'm not sure if it's the print or the lighting (heh) in Mark's room that's making it look slightly browned out. I think you have more to lose when you use such fun colors...which is obviously a shame. I do think that the print still looks nice. Just don't hold it up against the original version. :)

Travis said...

Jim these are wonderful!

That second piece especially is just beautiful. The lines and composition and flow. There's nothing wrong with it.

The first one is great too! The elements are fighting with each other a little... I don't know if you could solve that by simply toning down some of the frames. I don't even think it's that big of a problem, but if it's a show poster then you definitely want to set a consistent hierarchy. Beautiful ornamentation and typography though. I always love when you incorporate text into your work. Where do you get references for your patterns? Do you just make them up? They're really unique, especially when there's so much of that stuff floating around lately. You've managed not to be trendy and bring your own touch to it, which is really impressive.

What are you guys doing with all of these digital pieces? Is it a requirement for Mark's class?