Saturday, September 20, 2008



Sara said...

you're better than me.

Jim said...

i don't think so

Travis said...

Jimmy, it's lovely as always
but I think I maybe even liked the sketch more... the line version
something about the lion's face seems undefined in this one and although I thought that your color study was a little flat, I think that this is maybe too high contrast. I don't know if you've played around with it in Photoshop or anything, but maybe tone it down a little? Great compositions and characters though.

And Sara don't be silly. I saw the sketch you did for this project and it was beautiful. You both did a better job than what I did for this assignment.

PS Jimmy I got some oil paints, I'm going to try and finally figure them out

Jim said...

thanks for the advice, travis. I agree with you.

And jeez, once you master those oils, youll be unstoppable.