Friday, September 12, 2008

Ok now, some sketches fo' yall.

Rough line sketch for Children's Book Illustration. From the Fable of the old lion:

and a color sketch?...

And two thumbnails for mark's class


Travis said...

Wonderful wonderful, I especially like the fox and the turtle. These all have great lines and compositions, as usual. I think that maybe the piece with the clock (I love that you're doing something with it) looks a little out of place next to the others... it looks more like the stuff you were doing at the beginning of sophomore year, in terms of the linework and hatching. I think it's more personal taste, since I respond more to your spiraling or less uniform patterns. If that makes sense.

Great touches with the sun coming up through the trees and the pawprints leading to the cave. The turtle piece is especially elegant, what are you going to use to render the finish?

Jim said...

Thanks. Im glad you mentioned the clock one, because I didn't notice that. If i end up finishing it, i think i'll do the shadows in watercolor, and only use line for the actual forms.

the turtle is actually just a little study I did, so I kinda already consider it finished. Perhaps I'll revisit it in the future though.