Thursday, September 25, 2008

-My- crappy work and stuff

Jimmy has seen these, which makes it partially boring, but:

Digital finish for Mark's class. I don't have a picture or scan of the finished watercolor piece...I'm so lazy.

Tentative sketch for the silly "describe yourself with one word" self portrait assignment. I think that I might do the finished b/w sketch with brushed ink and some washes. Ehhh.


Jim said...

aaaah, so comfy. I wish i could have mornings like that.

Travis said...

that homebody one is so cute
gosh that just looks so perfect

I like the composition and subtlety of the other piece a lot. It's brilliant how you've distinguished between art and science using only the frames. Keeping the images the same but using context to separate them... it's really nice. I don't know about the execution though... is this your color study or finish? I would love to see the watercolor.

It's good to see new things from you Sara! Thanks for posting them even though Jim's already seen them.

Sara said...

The first piece is a digital finish; we had to bring two illustrations to completion at once, using two different mediums. This one I chose to do digitally as a bit of an experiment, to see how I could balance tightness/organization and the human touch using line work and color. I must have been on a "gee, can I manage this digitally?" kick this week...I think deadlines might have partially pushed me towards it.

Since we have to do revisions, I'm choosing to revisit this one. Mark suggested--and I agree--that the background could benefit from some sort of subtle wallpaper texture. Is there anything else that you see that might bother your eye? I've been looking at this piece for far too long to have any healthy way of being a critical viewer.

Travis said...

Ohhh that makes much more sense
I think that what is throwing me off are the linework and drop shadows. The colors are great, really smokey which is wonderful. I feel like there's something up with the antialiasing on your lines or something though... it looks almost like you have some white pixels around the lines, I don't know. They seem a little rough... I like the drop shadow, but maybe you could find a way to make it look a little more selective? Right now you have really strong shadows for objects that are really close to the background, so it throws off the depth a little. If you could even pull in the shadows a little, so that they're a little more subtle. I like the idea of a wallpaper pattern a lot.

I can't wait to see your revision, this is really really nice so far.

Sara said...

Thanks for the tips, Travis! :)