Tuesday, September 30, 2008

there will be snacks

well i guess i can post my sketchbook too. I mean...it's such a good sketchbook and all.

not really.

but it's different.

and gooey.

let me just get a spoonful here...


something a little less mealy:

I did this poster on less than 24 hours notice so....yeah!


Sara said...

Your sketchbook *is* so good. It makes me want to weep little adoring tears. ...But that's only because I'm in it. :P

And I find myself wondering what that poster looks like printed. Will it be posted around Anderson and stuff soon?

Travis said...

Jim, this is wonderful... I love that last page with the sweater and legs. Everything is so inventive. Even your sketches are inspirational...

I love the poster too! The ornamentation is beautiful as always. The only thing that sticks out as odd to me is the black background. Still, you definitely know what you're doing. Your design and composition skills are unbeatable.