Sunday, November 2, 2008

up up and away, I say


Sara said...

Oh, I see...yes, the faces are much more pink in the print. And the oranges are less saturated. Ah's still a good print.

I like the blue.

Travis said...

Jim, this is such a great idea and as always I love your typography and the decorative embellishments
I especially like the way it's all a little off-kilter and nothing's really a right angle.

I think that texturally it's looking a little flat though
I don't know how invested you are in this but I think it could really benefit from the same kind of treatment you gave that piece for Mark's class, the one with the flattering portrait... something to really accentuate the hand-drawn element, because right now the clean digital look is fighting with the looseness of the lines and placement of objects, I think.