Monday, November 10, 2008

Why not... some sketches?
I'm in a particularly "unfinished" mood anyhow.
Sara's had her say of them so these are all you, Trav.

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Travis said...

Jim, these would all make amazing illustrations
the first one especially, that's such a brilliant idea
the way that you've figured out the type, I didn't even realize at first what you were doing with it, but that's genius
if you carried through with this it would be exciting to see how many little details like that you'd be able to fit in, things seen in a different light. not at the loss of the simplicity of the image though... it's so adventurous

the only thing that seems off to me is the scale of the kids. the way that the girl is smaller makes her look like she should be behind the boy, but then obviously she's slightly in the foreground. if you maybe moved them apart a tiny bit, or had some overlapping so you didn't have that tangent with the edge of the map and the collar of his sweater, it could clarify their relationship

the christmas piece is so heartwarming
how you've repeated that modified stitching pattern in each element, even the tree

i love in the last piece, the strange perspective. it reminds me of the one you did of the kid dragging that huge rock through the stream. it's really great. I almost wish there was something going on in the background to fill up that empty space, but nothing too overpowering. maybe even a nice slightly textured paper would be enough.