Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm not dead.

As far as I know, at least...

I always feel so silly about posting things that Jimmy has already seen, but I'll go ahead and put some stuff up for Travis's benefit.

"When I'm Old," a zine by MissSaraMichelleWood:


Matt had us do a bit of zine work...mine obviously has a very simple, fluffy theme, and I had some fun with the construction. Lace paper is the best, and I wish that I could just drape it over everything that I do. Mmmm.
In terms of revision, I already know that I'd like to lighten up the value to play up the sensibility of the pencil. Printouts make everything so dark and scary. Also, I'll be tracing those rounded boxes I've put over the text, so that I can keep the pencil thing going, as well as generally soften the look.

Here are a couple of color studies done for Mark's class:

It's to be an illustration of the quote, "Why is it so hard to be like the rest of the flock, John?"
I know that I have looooaaaaads of revisions to make, so just trust me when I say (hopefully) that it'll be vastly improved by next week.

Oh, and here are a few photos of Jimmy being cute:
He's fun to photostalk.

Anyway...the end. I'm tired.


Jim said...

Well I like everything but the photos. And even those are as flattering as possible :)

Those photos really make your booklet look more yellowy, and I kinda like it that way. Maybe you could try printing it on a similarly-toned paper.

And after taking a fresh look at the umbrella picture, I really think any problems could be solved simply by adjusting the scale of the people (making the main guy a little bigger) and adding more pedestrians.

Sara said...

I dig the yellow tone as well, but I worry about how black the line work will look when put over darker value paper. I should try it,'re right.

And you may very well be right about the umbrellaman revisions too. I'm not particularly excited about fiddling with it, though. Nope.

But you should really like the photos, because they're of you, and you're khool.