Saturday, July 12, 2008


Wel I ended up with some time to work on that postcard, and to answer your question, Sara, this is what I meant:

I'm also thinking about using a different font, since I'm still not sure if i like the simplicity of the current one. On one hand, it doesn't feel very interesting. On the other hand, I feel that overly elaborate text would take away from the image, which is the main point.


Sara said...

aha! i actually quite like the simple font. you've got the curly "bed & breakfast" to sort of even it out, as well as the swirly wirly line work going on all around it.

the more i think about it, the more i am convinced that yes, it would be far too much for the eyes to handle if the text were much more embellished.

good job.
if i had to find a weakness, i might question the fact that the image seems to be a bit crooked. not just in that hand-done way, but a more uniform crookedness that bothers me in just the slightest of ways. granted, this might all go away once it's put into final postcard format (especially if there is going to be a white border included).

i like to leave the longest comments ever.

Jim said...


Sara said...

you's tha king.