Tuesday, July 22, 2008

just some exercises

this isn't the project i'm currently working on or anything, but i've been doing little sketches like these lately. they do a good job of working out my hand, and allow me to indulge in the comforting act of just painting things that i enjoy. like wisteria leaves, swirly curly vines, and some bunting. :o)

the project that i AM seriously working on, which is a book cover, will also have some of the white gouache line work (much like the middle envelope). i like it, but we'll see if it ends up being a look that genuinely works.


Jim said...

I like these. The middle one is my favorite, by far. I might even like the lines to be finer. Can't wait to see that book cover.

Travis DeMello said...

SSSara I really like the first one and the simplification of the organic shapes. The white on pale blue is really soothing and it'd be cool to see you do some more things like this with really subtle value shifts.