Saturday, July 12, 2008


Glad to see this finally come to fruition. I suppose I'll put up a few things so that they have time to look impressive until Travis shows up.  Here's an image for what will hopefully become a postcard for my mom's bed and breakfast (a.k.a. my house.) I plan to surround this with some line-work and possibly some text.

And I know this is supposed to be a "crit wall" type deal, but since I don't have any other big projects, I'll just put up some sketches.  I hope that's okay. 
I'm not sure why i chose to do a bunch of batman sketches this week, but I did.  

So..enjoy that.

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Sara said...

ohhhhhhh, i looooove the postcard. i'm a sucker for concentrations of lines, and your lines are making me very happy. favorite part: the little pokey fibers coming out of the top of the wood post on the fence. as well as the chubby pine needles. mmm, details.

when you say that you'll be putting line work around it, do you mean purely decorative, or what? hatching, swirlies, geometric thingies...? i'm intrigued.
and what sort of text were you thinking of? i really like the type that you used on that one old timey "oxford" piece you did, and i think that it would fit with the overall technique and subject quite well, but i suppose visual business is a bit consideration.

i look forward to seeing the finalized version. it's a really strong image in its own right.

oh...yes, batman is awesome. and your joker is appropriately spooky. <:o|