Thursday, August 14, 2008

A duck, a sloth, hot pink bones

These are just some little exercises I've done to keep myself in practice. They're all about 3-4 inches long, on cut out pieces of bristol. I think maybe I'll try to make some little scrapbooks with things like this in it. I'm also working on a much larger piece that I'm excited to finally finish. 

PS Jimmy, I made sure to throw in some glitter glue just for you.


Jim said...

Thanks for the glitter. No work of art can be taken seriously without it. The best part, however, is the texture on the duck.
Best duck-texture of the year, by far.

Gouache, I'm assuming? I can never get that crap do to a thing for me, so kudos to you for mastering it.

Oh, and put that skeleton in an environment. For some reason it just seems to beg for one.

Travis said...

Unfortunately I already put that skeleton into a small envelope and mailed it to a girl who lives in New Jersey. But maybe I will make many many more and drape them on a paper fire escape or clothesline.

I think your canada goose tops my duck but thank you thank you

I like to work very very small so gouache is good for me. I've watched other people use it and realized that I'm doing it wrong. Your art is much bigger and you put much more momentum in your strokes. Gouache kind of fizzles out when you try to work on that scale. I can't get oils to work and I just get lightheaded from the fumes so I think we strike a nice balance.

Sara said...

the idea of a string of pink skellies makes me very happy, and i want some immediately.

these are always. i'm glad that you're keeping your hands all warm and controllable. does school start very soon for you?

i really wish that that sloth had some little bits of algae in its fur. or perhaps just some other color to give it more dimension. also, i was about to express a desire to have its head more defined, but i now think that i sort of like the 'is it here or there?' trick of the eye. that's what real sloths do...with their silly-willy anatomy. :)

Travis said...

a confession
I was very drunk when I painted that sloth
I wish that it had algae and a face
but the sloth is gone too (I mailed it to Tori Finn)
I will make a new sloth maybe
it will be so green you will think it is just a big mess of leaves

more dimension would be wonderful
I'm always struggling between trying to depict things graphically
while at the same time retaining their structure

school starts the 22nd oh my
from my advising sessions i know it's not going to be as good as UArts
but gosh I love this city

Sara said...

that's good news in itself. you're going to own the joint...i know it. :o)

jimmy. srsly. we have to visit him soon.

Jim said...

Yeah Sara, that would be fun.

And Travis, if you can drunk sloth gouache, then the fumes from oil painting should be no excuse...