Monday, August 18, 2008

Clocks and other things

Some new art today.
I'll start off with a fancy grandfather clock I made up (and wish i could actually build)

highly uncomfortable boots

a victorian ipod

And some work for a writer friend of mine who's working on a language-themed zine.
Her stuff is really great, you should check her out here

And now I have a question. I made some prints to (try to) sell at the Whole Foods art sale on the 29th.

I guess they're "posters", but how should i sell them? Rolled up, flat in a bag? I don't have the means to sell them framed. You think people will buy them to hang up with tacks or frame themselves?


Travis said...
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Travis said...

Jimmy your victorian ipod and fanciful typography is hot stuff
please do more of that kind of thing quickly

I love your illustrations for your friend too but
I feel like they're almost unfinished... maybe some highlights would really help solidify them but right now I want something more from them. They've got great lines and a nice spontaneity but I think what it is is that it looks like you've masked off portions and then done a flat watercolor wash over that. If you got rid of the masking and let your watercolors bleed a little past the lines and seem less like photoshop overlays then that would really emphasize their organic nature. (oo la la)

Still amazing etc.

As for your prints, I would sell them flat in a bag and trim them with an eighth of an inch border. If each one came with a tiny original sketch or something then that would do nothing but help. Good luck!

Jim said...

Thanks Travis.
How much should I price them for?
I was thinking $5.
Or is that too low?

Travis said...

too low too low
I think you should sell them for at least $15, you could probably do $20
whole foods kids are not shy about dropping money
but maybe show up and check and see what other people are selling their art for and price according to that.