Thursday, December 18, 2008


Guys...this blog needs some defibrillation.
I'll do my best to resuscitate it with some end-of-semester finals

and a remodeled website


Travis said...

they are amazing
as always
The first one is great, it has a where's waldo sensibility that is just so playful and exciting
I love the profile, who is it? what was the assignment?
you already know I love the children piece, I think you've only improved it here. I like the nostalgic sepia, you've managed to keep it from getting too stuffy.
The last one is gorgeous
the colors are really well handled. Did you do anything to them in photoshop? I think that the only thing that sticks out to me is the way you've handled value. Each element is dealt with well, but I think that overall you have a sort of skewed contrast. I know practically nothing about watercolors so basically I don't know what I'm talking about, but I feel like you have so many areas with a full range of value that it starts to break up the composition and disrupt the sense of depth. Honestly though I think maybe I'm just searching, I don't think it's a big enough problem that it hurts the piece in any significant way.

sorry all I can do is gush

Travis said...

yeah on second thought forget everything I said about values. I looked at it again and it's perfect.

I love your website too, it's much tighter and more sophisticated than your old one.

Sara said...


I feel like that scanner works even better than my eyeballs do.

...You know anything that I could possibly say has been said already. :)