Thursday, December 18, 2008

a bigger version here

the fish in the upper right is labeled "walel"
the hummingbird in the lower left is labeled "harmonicas"
I'm labeled "hibernation"


Sara said...

It is so, so, so, sew, soh, SO beautiful. The sophistication of your painting technique has really grown here, and I'm in love with the placement of everything. The thoughtful labels are a great touch, as well. I almost particularly enjoy the landscape at the top, as it looks like it was plucked straight out of a museum diorama.
I was going to say something about the blue and grayness of the colors (particularly on your face), and how they don't feel wholly consistent, but I think that that comment is best reserved for when you have what you consider to be ideal lighting.
(And, on second -are- underground...hmm.)

All in all, it's just beautiful. You should be so very proud of this. I want to see it in real life! hint

Jim said...

This is really nice. Its a bit "quirkier" than your usual stuff, (I'm not sure why), but that works.
How big is it? It doesn't look as teeny-tiny as you usually work.