Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Science poster of sience

My final assignment for Illustration methods. It had to be anything based on a trip to the museum.

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Travis said...

This is really great, Jim. The composition works well—I like how you haven't put any kind of divider between the text at the bottom and the little silhouettes. It makes it a little off-kilter and awkward feeling, which is much more interesting than a lot of artwork produced for natural history museums. The only thing that seems a little disappointing to me is the microscope. I don't know why, but it comes off as a little anticlimactic. Or maybe it's a little impersonal? I don't mean to force my own sensibilities onto it, but I feel like maybe something with a narrative or a visual trick would make this piece really click. I think what's so great about a lot of your work is that you often have this whimsical or clever or funny story going on, like the 20,000 leagues cover or your misanthrope poster. In this piece there's a lot of (really beautiful) buildup but then a kind of ambiguous final result. It's always good to see new art by you though! Everything you've made this semester feels so deliberate and confident, it's inspiring.

Also, I think you and Sarah are rubbing off on each other artistically. In a good way.