Monday, March 16, 2009

Bindin' for the woman.

I made 10 books yesterday.

My idea of a marketable artist's product that features my supergirly pattern:

Also, my How-To manual:

Sorry for the shoddy photos!


Travis said...

Sara these are gorgeous
Your binding is really amazing... the journal mockups look professional and complete. Your stuff hardly looks like student work anymore. I want one... How do you make those patterns?

The instructions booklet is beautiful, of course. I don't know about the font you've used—I think it works well in the little lists, but when you have the large numbers on the pages... I think maybe it's a font that was designed to be printed small. The characters are so thick that they end up dominating your illustrations a little, especially since you've used that red. Otherwise, I can't find anything to critique.

I've been struggling for inspiration lately but these are so motivating.

Travis said...

I looked at it again and realized that you'd hand-lettered the booklet—which is incredibly impressive since I thought you'd done it digitally.