Sunday, February 8, 2009

actual assignments

The first assignments of the semester:
Symbolic piece about federal healthcare

3 panels for fairytale "the singing bone"

and some sketches for the "draw people interacting with creatures" project...yeah.


Travis said...

hey sorry i don't have anything bad to say about any of these

that last one with the giraffes is so perfect and did you really draw all that water twice

Jim said...

I did

Travis said...

that's really impressive

and um, i guess a little more constructively

i think that what i love about the last one with the giraffes is that it has a little more movement than the other two animal pieces. besides the fact that the giraffes are running, i love the man who's holding the sheet of paper—he looks so concerned and like you've caught him mid-sentence. It gives it a little more life, which also makes it seem a little more contemporary. the one with the hamster has great tension in how terrified the poor little hamster looks, but I think that the one with the snail needs a little something... some slime or something. are you going to develop these further?

I really like the fairytale pieces, especially your linework. compositionally, though, I feel like they're slightly unresolved. The water, sky, and land on either side all radiate out from the center and lead the eye outward, which i think opens the sides of the images a little too much, if that makes sense. maybe some kind of frame would be helpful—just something to keep everything contained. Or if you wanted to paint it rather than color it digitally, you could use slight vignetting in the values.

Sara said...

The Crit Championship goes to Travis. :)