Sunday, January 25, 2009

Federally Subsidized Healthcare, having nothing to do with

I spent the morning lazily sketching some fun things, despite the amount of boring assignments slowly piling up in front of me (or perhaps because of it).

I'm not sure why I've felt compelled to design book covers lately. Maybe it's because of the liberally vague subject matter, or the mixture of illustration and design, or just the idea of making "functional" art in the form of a neatly decorated little adventure to carry around.


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Travis said...

Jim, these book covers are some of the best things you've done. They look so effortlessly clever. The kind of illustration that doesn't look like it's reaching for anything, or that the idea was so labored over that the original inspiration got lost somewhere along the way. You really should develop a few of these (or all of them, everything I've seen has been so consistent) into a portfolio and send them to a few publishing companies.